Flat roof house designs in Kenya are houses with a roofing system that has a leveled surface. Flat roofs are not generally flat but they have a slight slope. Here are some examples of types of flat roofing in Kenya.

1. Elastomer membrane for flat roof house designs in Kenya

The elastomer membrane is composed of two layers, which are made of screws or hot stickers (white, bright gravel, brown, or green), and the upper layer has a beautiful finish.

 The application of a granulated upper layer is related to the fact that it provides great resistance to sunlight, shock, and tears. The Board is welded by fusion with the torch. As a result, a large sticker is guaranteed for the entire installation.

Note that the elastomer membrane can be installed without heat help using the self-adhesive film section. Due to its high elasticity, it is particularly resistant to impact and temperature fluctuations, also keep in mind that even if the membrane remains waterproof throughout life, it is still sensitive to stagnant water, which can reduce useful life by at least 10 years.

 In addition, keep in mind that algae and ice on the surface are not removed in a reasonable time, and the aggregate of the upper layer can deteriorate. Ideally, roof drain must have at least 4 inches of 4 inches to drain the water properly.

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The cost of the elastomer membrane is higher than the cost of the asphalt roof, but keep in mind that the first one has a more durable life. This is around 25 to 40 years. Because of durability, EPDM rubber is a very popular coating for flat roof house designs in Kenya. If the roof is installed correctly, this rubber roof can withstand heavy pedestrians.

In addition, this material is not easily scraped because it is elastic. EPDM does not require maintenance, so the damage can be easily repaired. Since this material is usually installed on an existing roof cover, the installation can be done very quickly.

2. Bitumen for flat roof house designs in Kenya.

Bitumen, also known as Asphalt, is another popular option for flat roof house designs in Kenya. The greatest advantage of the bitumen roof is that the price is lower than EPDM.

Otherwise, the EPDM rubber has a long useful life, easy to install, and has less risk of damage. This is why most people prefer EPDM instead of bitumen for flat roof house designs in Kenya. However, since all the inconveniences of the bitumen roof are fixed by the reviewer, it is expected to be easy to install on the ceiling and have less damage.

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3. PVC membranes for flat roof house designs in Kenya.

The PVC membrane ingredients are coated using a heat demolished seam to create a hermetic seal. Like other types, you don’t need glue, sealant, or tape. This helps save some money.

In addition, it has surprising heat reflection characteristics with energy efficiency. However, PVC coating is less durable than EPDM. In addition, deterioration can begin just a few years later, increase the risk of cracks and require all the results.

 It is said that the plasticizers that are considered to improve the flexibility of materials are not healthy. Therefore, this material does not last long and is considered not be effective for flat roofing in Kenya, and it may be necessary to start above all the roof or replace it with a different flat roof material.

4. TPO membrane for flat roof house designs in Kenya.

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a reflective membrane of a single layer made of polypropylene and ethy-eloppilene rubber. The joints usually merge in the same way as the elastomer membrane, but the TPO membrane can be installed mechanically.

The TPO roof has a bright surface, which makes it easier to maintain. Due to multiple advantages, it is widely used in the construction and renewal industry. This material is not the most expensive compared to other materials, so it can be considered for flat roof house designs in Kenya.

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The reason for building flat roof house designs in Kenya is that it is more economical than other roofing types, it is faster in installation, has simple maintenance, has excellent energy efficiency, and has a longer shelf life. As a result, flat roof house designs are an excellent solution for short and long-term businesses.

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