Modern bungalow designs in Kenya feature clean lines and geometric shapes. Modern means that your home was built in a specific period of time whereas contemporary refers to whatever is popular right now. A modern house conforms to the principles of modern architecture including form following function and truth to the material.

Example of modern bungalow designs in Kenya.

1. Lodge.

Has incredible texture lines and Dynamics but still holds that cabin originality with the wood stones and all the windows to feel like you are in the woods.

2. Farmhouse.

Has plenty of traditional farmhouse characteristics. Still, it has elevated the modern vibe with a black and white mixed exterior and mixed patterns such as the board and batten on the garage door and the breakthrough of the exterior.

3. Craftsman.

The basic design of a craftsman-style home is a front porch sturdy bottom getting smaller on top and columns supporting the roof. The modern bungalow designs in Kenya alone are enough for you to pick up your belongings and move on into it.

4. Cottage.

The modern bungalow designs in Kenya version of the classic cottage have the trees around it upstairs bedroom and general aesthetic of a cottage but with so much more. The bedroom balconies on the upper floor with the porthole windows give it a very European feel which is where this architecture originated.

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Different types of modern house designs in Kenya.

  1. Single-family homes- They don’t share a wall with another building. a single-family homeowner typically owns the building and the land that the building sits on and normally it is a modern bungalow design in Kenya.
  2. Apartments- a tenant rents an apartment from the landlord while leasing agreements such as repairing the amenities are the landlord’s responsibilities.
  3. Condominiums- Are modern house designs made up of individual units that are owned They can feel like an apartment or a community.
  4. Mobile home- Are also referred to as manufactured homes. They are affixed to a permanent chassis with wheels.
  5. Multi-family houses- This type of house comprises more than one housing unit.

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Characteristics of modern bungalow designs in Kenya.

1. Open floor plans- Modern bungalow designs in Kenya are big on open floor plans and they emphasize minimal use of walls to enclose sections of the house.

2. Steel concrete and Glass- Striking materials such as glass steel and concrete over the more common brick and wood. natural light is encouraged through large windows.

3. Progressive- Modern house designs may push the boundaries of what might be considered possible in designs and are always looking to try new and different approaches.

4. Connected outdoor space- Another key feature of modern bungalow designs in Kenya is that the outdoor and indoor spaces are connected and integrated.

5 Flat roofing- This gives them a sleek aesthetic that appeals to the modern homeowner.

Benefits of Modern bungalow designs in Kenya.

1. Spaciousness. Modern bungalow designs in Kenya have enough space for movement and enough space to carry out domestic activities efficiently.

2. Exposure to more light in the house. Includes large windows but also small windows on multiple sides of a room to cut energy costs.

3. Environmentally friendly. Makes use of green energy for example solar panels are installed on the rooftops and are used in lighting, heating water, and electricity.

4. Aesthetically pleasing design. Maintaining a balance between design overall aesthetic value and structural.

5. Plenty of room for customization. Modern bungalow designs in Kenya allow room for customization and future expansion.

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When it comes to modern bungalow designs in Kenya, the key is to remember that less is always more. Simplicity, natural materials, textures, and colors all combine to create a unique style ideally suited to today’s lifestyle.

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