Building a house in is a lifetime investment that is generally known countrywide. Many adults would want to have their names under beautiful house designs in Kenya and bid their landlords goodbye. The beautiful house designs in Kenya can be found as real estate properties or rather a house fully constructed by an equipped. It is not about the shade but the comfort that comes along with the knowledge of having the best design of house in Kenya.

Classifications of house designs in Kenya.

There are only two classes of beautiful designs of houses in Kenya that are generally known.

1.     Bungalow

This is a house design in Kenya that covers the ground mostly and it is often a one-story building or half. It is one of the most beautiful house designs in Kenya. They may have rooms on the ceiling or roof which is usually half and usually are stores or bedrooms. It is an example of a concise contemporary house design, they are also named depending on the number of rooms they have, an example is, a 2-bedroom bungalow. Most residential homes and even non-residential places, and commercial premises take the form of this design.

2.     Maisonette

Is a self-contained house with either two or three-story flats, since they cover several floors, they are called a duplex.  Any house design can take the form of a maisonette, for example, a two-bedroom maisonette house. Most residential homes take this design of the houses to save on space and cost.

House Plans Kenya

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3 bedroom maisonette building plan in Kenya
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Types of house designs in Kenya

There are several house designs in Kenya which will amaze you;

1.      Townhouse

This is a house design in Kenya that is mostly gated and built as a community, they are usually owned privately unlike the apartments and condos the owner maintains both the exterior and interior, these premises are usually guarded by private security agents as well as the police. They are also known for their beauty since it is built uniformly in a large area. But still, similar to condos and apartments they share some facilities like the clubhouse, playing courts, swimming pool, etc.

2.      Condominium

This house design is similar to an apartment where it is a single unit from a whole building that can be used as a dwelling place. They share similar characteristics, but the difference strikes when a condo can be owned, that is, sold independently. An apartment is only rented to a tenant but cannot be owned. Despite the condos being owned, they still pay a fixed amount of charge to the management which is used in maintaining the outside facilities like security, power used in the exterior, etc.

3.      Apartments

Sometimes they are called a block of flats. This is a building with more than one dwelling unit which is usually designed for domestic use but can also be used as a business area or an office. They have similar characteristics to the condominiums but are rented, the rent they pay is used to maintain the exterior expenses but the interior maintenance is meant for the tenant. The tenants share facilities like clubhouses, swimming pools, markets, etc.

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