Many Kenyans are living in poor house structures, and the cost of land and construction has risen in a tremendous way. Owning a house is something very prestigious and successful, starting is the biggest issue but continuing is a walkover since you will have the whole budget in mind and planned for.

Factors that may influence the choice of house designs in Kenya

 1. Size of land

A bigger land will motivate to build a bigger house or pick a house design that takes up much ground space like a bungalow.

2. Size of family

A bigger family will be encouraged to pick a bigger house. In this matter, it will depend on the family’s desire on which class of house design to pick either maisonette or bungalow.

3. Budget

It is obvious that a dog cannot be the king of the jungle. The amount of money that one has will fetch a house design it’s worth. A bigger house will take too much cost as compared to a simple house.

4. Architect’s advice

Depending on the architect’s experience and knowledge he may advise picking a particular house design over the other.

5. Topography of land

Not all lands in the country are ready for construction, we have hilly and also rocky lands, which not all designs can fit in.

House Plans Kenya

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Designs of houses in Kenya

They are many;

1.      Shipping containers

 This is an upcoming new best house design in Kenya. This is a house design that is purely designed from the shipping containers. These containers can be used as shops, stores, offices, or homes. A container’s price varies with some factors like size, age of the container, and the type of container being shipped off. This house design is portable, easy to set up, takes short time to design, and is luxurious when well decorated. They are durable and competent and above all, they are brought to your location by the dealer. It is a simple design of a house in Kenya and do not under-estimates it.

2.      Townhouses

Not the aristocrat’s house designs in the pre-colonial period, but a new design of house found in up-markets and are known for their beauty of being built in a similar way. They are usually gated houses and are either bungalow or maisonette designs. They are special in a way that they have clubhouses, swimming pools, markets, tennis courts, and above all these houses get security from private security companies and as well as the Kenya police, these features make them special, and obviously, the upper or high-class people leave in such areas.

3.      Condominiums

This house design is very complex, it is one of the best house designs in Kenya, it is similar to apartments but different when they are treated as real estate. This house may have servant quarters around, it has a swimming pool that is shared among the tenants or owners. They are luxurious.

4.      Apartments

Is a building that is partitioned into units that tenants live in. This best house design in Kenya the fastest growing house design in the country, look at a place like Lavington, kileleshwa, and kilimani, these houses have been given space to thrive, and they will have swimming pools, markets, clubhouses, and servant quarters just nearby. They are similar to condominiums.

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The Kenyan architects want simple life for citizens and that is why they introduce the new house concept in the construction industry. Container house is a design of house in Kenya that cannot be resisted, West Kenya Real Estate Company offers more than that concept but actual work piece of the design and plan of the house, visit our company at Kisumu or call us (+254789217685/+254724481087) or email us on  Also, you can visit us in our offices in Nairobi or Kisumu.

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