Building a house is a critical consideration that requires factors like cost, privacy, land size, security, and aesthetics to be applied together with individual preferences. With a good contractor building, your 4-bedroom house plan will be debated and you will end up making the right decision of a good house plan as you stick to your budget.

Advantages of maisonette

There are many advantages of maisonette house plans in Kenya;

1.     Private entrance

Like townhouses which have their entrances, it gives peace of mind and one can easily have a safe delivery of goods. Also, one can modify their security if they want to since they share no entrance, and the owner will experience no irritation from neighbors more so in the unusual hours when they may come back drunk or in situations like fighting.

2.     Adequate space

On land, the maisonette stretched vertically than horizontally. More space is saved for other things like having good front and back yards, and ample car park space.

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3.     Cheap to construct

Building a 4-bedroom maisonette house plan in Kenya is cheap since the foundation cost is saved. Also, the roofing cost is saved since all the rooms are covered by a small roof.

Smart home automation

With the existing technology, some basic functions have been improved and are easily done. We can now regulate the house temperature and lighting via phone, whether far from home or at home, this will make your 4-bedroom maisonette house plan in Kenya very comforting to your family and even guests who may visit.

The cost of building your 4-bedroom house will depend on different things like the location, topography of the land, specifications to be put in the house plan economic condition.

1.      Location

This is the area where you are building your 4-bedroom maisonette house plan in Kenya, either rural or urban. Building in the urban will be a bit expensive since too many legal formalities are required to make the house stand, but still building in the urban is something prestigious and encouraging.

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2.      Topography of the land.

This is the landscape of the land, a 4-bedroom maisonette house design will be suitable and less costly on flat land which is usually ready for construction. But with the technology these days, building a house has been made simpler and easier no matter the landscape the cost will be different but all will have been standardized

3.      Specifications to be added

The contractor will provide the 4-bedroom house plan in Kenya and design but the client will want particular rooms to be in a different way and this will change the cost that would have been set either to increase slightly or reduce.

4.      Economic condition

This is the rate at which the construction is busy, building a house when the company has enough contracts, materials will be in high demand, the dealers may take the advantage and increase the price of materials, or the materials, might finish and decide to order materials from another city which will be costly. 

Building a house when the company has a normal number of contracts then the price might be standard since materials would be available.

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Usually, take time to examine the plan of the house you are constructing, before building your 4-bedroom maisonette house plan in Kenya ensure that you have gone through the plan and understood a good part of how the rooms are being designed, this may help to remove some features which you may not use, hence you end up saving.

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